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A Finished Basement Adds Room to Farmingdale Homes

Home basements are typically underutilized open spaces on the lower level of the home, commonly used for storage.  They are often dusty and dark due to the lack of use.  That is the norm, but it can change for the basement in your Farmingdale home.  Add extra space and comfort with a finished basement and change the norm.

Finishing a basement does not have to be a task that seems overwhelming and unachievable.  Imagine, if you will, how satisfying your Farmingdale home will be with extra space.  Extra space with a variety of options and flexibility for your family?  Once the decision to finish out your basement has been made, go with the best remodeling company in Farmingdale, USA Remodeling, and join the long line of satisfied customers.  USA Remodeling is the finished basement specialist for Farmingdale, NY.   Trailblazing designs, high-quality materials, and modern technology are the tools used by the most experienced general contractor and remodeling specialist.  For Finished Basements, Farmingdale, NY, USA Remodeling is the choice above the rest.  (631)957-5400

Free Farmingdale Finished Basement Consultation

What does a free finished basement remodeling consultation, from USA Remodeling, entail?  USA Remodeling will inspect your basement and review the space for finishing, while including your needs, wants, and desires, to create a space exceeding your expectations. 

Transform Your Finished Basement into the Room You Dreamed of

Presently, your Farmingdale basement is most likely cold, cramped, and surrounded by concrete, yet the finished basement options are infinite.  Extra room to grow, entertain, and more.  We have put together some ideas below for your consideration and to spark your imagination.  With USA Remodeling, your imagination is your only limitation.

  • A Basement Bar – Classical or Modern
  • Built-in Storage
  • A Perfect Man Cave
  • A Dream Playroom
  • Enviable Teen Bedroom
  • Cozy Living Space
  • Private Gym
  • A New Home Office
  • A Unique Basement Kitchen
  • Wine Bar
  • An Amazing Guest Bedroom
  • Whole Family Game Room

USA Remodeling will transform the basement, in your Farmingdale home, into not only the room you need but the one you want and have dreamed of.  We have the unbridled experience to make it amazing.  Our objective is to make the basement a continuation or extension of the main living area of the home enhanced with a seamless transition.  When USA Remodeling is done bringing your vision to life, it might just become the most popular room in your house.  Basements are typically one-third of your home’s space, why not add 600 to 900 sq. ft Or More?

Complete Your Farmingdale Finished Basements with Egress Windows for Safety

Finishing your basement can be a blessing, but don’t let the blessing turn into a nightmare.  A basement with only one exit is a safety hazard.  If an unexpected fire occurs while your family is enjoying your new basement amenities, how would you get out?  What if the fire blocks the only exit out of the basement?  Preparing in advance for this situation is not only prudent but smart.  The easiest preparation option is the installation of an Egress Window.  An Egress Window is a specifically designed window to be used as an emergency exit. According to the International Building Code, an Egress Window is required to have a minimum opening height of 24 in. and 20 in. wide with a minimum overall square footage of 5.7 sq.ft.  Additional requirements include:

  • The bottom of the clear opening must be within 44 in. of the floor.
  • The window or other opening must be operational from the inside without keys or tools.

City Ordinances differ and may have further requirements.  Understanding the requirements and codes is essential to the installation of an Egress Window for your Farmingdale Finished Basement.  USA Remodeling can discuss proper location, space accommodation, and sizing.  Locating the appropriate window is easy once we have the required measurements and aesthetic goals in mind.

Farmingdale Finished Basement Expert

Cutting corners is not the approach by USA Remodeling.  We believe in consistent quality service and products for all home improvement projects.  We combine our high-quality focus with expert professionals and dedication to customer service.  This is how USA Remodeling has grown our reputation as the most trusted remodeling company in Farmingdale, NY.   When you partner with USA Remodeling on a remodeling project, especially a finished basement project, you will receive peace of mind and industry-leading products and services.

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The possibilities are endless!



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