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Finished Basements Deerpark NY

Have you considered finishing out your basement? Have you imagined how nice it would be to add a room to your home by finishing your basement, and the flexibility that would afford your family? Once you have decided to finish your basement, make sure you only go with the best company in the industry in Deerpark, NY. USA Remodeling is the finished basement experts in Deerpark, NY. We have cutting-edge designs, materials, and technologies, and the most experienced general contractor. For Finished Basements Deerpark NY, USA Remodeling is the choice beyond reproach. (631)957-5400

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USA Remodeling offers a free basement remodeling consultation, in which we inspect and review the space you are considering for finishing out and work hard to understand your needs, wants, and desires. We want your finished basement to be everything you expected and more. Some of the many finished basement services USA Remodeling offers include:

  • All in One Engineered Wall Panel
  • Wall Insulation
  • Drywall
  • Painting
  • Lighting Solutions
  • Flooring Options
  • Trim Work
  • Bath Installation
  • Wet Bars and Basement Kitchens

We will turn your basement into the room you need and want, whether it’s a simple extra room, living quarters, or even a man-cave. We have the experience to make it amazing. The objective is making the finished basement a continuation or extension of the main living area of the home, with a seamless transition. Right now, your Deerpark basement is most likely cold, cramped, and surrounded by concrete. When USA Remodeling is done bringing your vision to life, it might just become the most popular room in your house. With the typical Deerpark basement being one-third of your home’s space, why not add 600 to 900 sq. ft Or More?

Deerpark Finished Basements with Egress Windows for Safety

Having a finished basement is a lovely thing for your home especially for the extra room. Extra room to grow, entertain, or more. However, a basement with only one exit is a safety hazard for you and your family. What if a fire occurs in your home while your family is enjoying the basement amenities? What if the fire blocks the only exit out of the basement? How would they escape? The answer is the installation of an Egress Window. An Egress Window is a window designed explicitly as an emergency exit. According to the International Building Code, an Egress Window must have an opening with a minimum height of 24 in. and 20 in. wide with an overall square footage minimum of 5.7 sq.ft. Additional requirements include:

  • The bottom of the clear opening must be within 44 in. of the floor.
  • The window or other opening must be operational from the inside without keys or tools.

City Ordinances may have further requirements in addition to the ones set forth by the International Building Code. Knowing and understanding what is needed and required with installing an Egress Window for your Deerpark Finished Basement. USA Remodeling can discuss proper location, space accommodation, and sizing. Locating the appropriate window is easy once we have the required measurements and aesthetic goals in mind.

Deerpark Finished Basement Expert

USA Remodeling does not believe in cutting corners, only quality service, and products for all home improvement projects. This belief, coupled with our expert professionals and dedication to customer service, has helped USA Remodeling to become the most trusted remodeling company in Deerpark, NY. When you partner with USA Remodeling on a remodeling project, particularly a finished basement project, you will receive peace of mind along with industry-leading products.

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