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Porches & Porticos – Nassau & Suffolk County

PORCHES can dramatically improve your home. An expansive porch adds more livable space for entertaining and relaxation. By ensuring the continuity of the architectural style of the rest of the home, is a key design consideration. Porches set the stage for outdoor entertaining, relaxing, play and more…maybe a candlelight diner or even a nap! Porches bring comfort and quality to outdoor living. They provide that by “extending your homes floors” into the yard and garden.

PORTICOS can dramatically enhance the focal point of your home. They are covered entrances for the front door that help accentuate the entry area. A portico can help provide optimal protection for you and your guests, and even your foyer. Doors, hardware and trim that are exposed to the weather eventually succumb to splintering, rotting, fading, and more. Sun and rain damage can create the need to replace interior wood flooring in the entrance, doors and door frames, side lights and transoms. And, just think how your guests would feel during a heavy downpour!

Covering the entrance with a portico can substantially reduce and eliminate those headaches. It’s a convenient amenity to protect guests on those cold rainy nights as they wait for the door to be answered. And don’t forget, porticos make a perfect stage for holiday decorating.

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