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Your roof is a critical piece of your home’s structure and it takes a beating due to everyday wear and tear, but the weather is the biggest abuser of your roof. Seasonal changes from hot to cold, yet the worst are severe storms or hurricanes. In West Islip, we have more storms than hurricanes, but the result is the same. High wind can result in severe damage or worse, it could rip the roof off completely. USA Remodeling delivers high-quality, full-service roofing to homeowners in West Islip NY and the surrounding communities. Our knowledgeable West Islip roofing team, comprised of absolute professionals with unrivaled roofing skills, are here to guide West Islip homeowners in finding the residential roofing options that best serve their needs and budget.

West Islip Roofing

The protection and safety, of your West Islip, home is the main focus of your roof. As mentioned, West Islip weather is unforgiving, and your roof must withstand all it throws at it, from heavy snowfall to high winds and rain. Therefore, you want to be downright certain that your roof is up to the task, with the right materials, proper installation, and maintained by a professional West Islip roofing contractor such as USA Remodeling.
At USA Remodeling, all roof repairs and installations are completed by highly trained professionals, dedicated to extraordinary craftsmanship and exceptional service. Our crews are experienced in all types of roof installation and repair, including asphalt or fiberglass shingle, wood shingle, slate or metal roofing systems. USA Remodeling is fully licensed, insured and certified to deliver only the best roofing products and services. We make certain your entire roofing system is installed properly and correctly to defend your home. USA Remodeling only installs the highest quality materials, backed by strong manufacturer warranties.

What are the signs your West Islip Roof needs roof repair or replacement?

  • Do you have discovered leaks?
  • Are you seeing worn, cracked, curled or missing shingles or tiles?
  • Have you observed excessive mold or moss growth on the roof surface?
  • Do you have loose or missing flashing around vents and chimney?

In the unfortunate event your roof is damaged in a storm or hurricane, by hail, wind, or falling debris, don’t delay or ignore the situation! Call USA Remodeling immediately (631)957-5400 while it’s still a small problem and before it becomes a large, expensive headache. We are “on call” 24/7/365 to provide emergency repairs in the event of a major leak, penetration or structural damage, to mitigate the damage. Then we’ll return to complete more permanent roof repairs.
Make sure your home’s roof is ready to protect you from the harsh effects of Mother Nature! Contact us for a free estimate today by calling (631)957-5400 or completing our on-line quote request form.



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